Mexico Holiday Itinerary – The Perfect 7 Days

Mexico Holiday for 7 Days



Mexico is one of the countries that has a presence in most people’s list of the countries they want to visit. After all, from family vacations to a romantic getaway and even for bachelorette parties, Mexico is the perfect destination.


So, in case you are about to take a 7 days trip to Mexico, here is the best itinerary for you.



Day 1: Arriving In Mexico City


Mexico City is filled with tourists during the entire year. With one of the busiest airports in the world, Mexico City is the perfect entry door for your trip.


Mexico City can be a bit overwhelming since there is a lot to do and to eat. One of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the city is the La Condesa and eat a churro. In case you feel like a walk, then just head onto the Chapultepec Park. And while you’re there, you can see the Castle as well.



Day 2: Exploring The City


While you already started seeing Mexico City on day 1, the reality is that there is a lot more to see and do.


So, you should start with downtown. Just walk around the giant Plaza de la Constitución, and check out the Museo de Templo Mayor. Just a few minutes from here, you will be able to see an ancient Aztec temple.


In case you like museums and want to continue seeing them, then you’ll have a lot of them especially in this part of the town.



Day 3: Head to Guanajuato


Guanajuato is a small and picturesque town that sits at the base of the surrounding mountains.


One of the things that you’ll notice are the brightly colored buildings as well  as the houses climbing up the surrounding mountains.


Just take the day to walk around this beautiful little town.



Day 4: Mummies Or Mountains



While you probably weren’t expecting to see mummies here, the truth is that they exist. In fact, they are so famous that some of them travel to exhibits all over the world.


Just outside the town, you’ll be able to visit the Museo de las Mumias. In case you don’t feel like seeing mummies, then you can simply enjoy the mountains. Just take the time to do a mountain bike ride or a hike.



Day 5: Yucatan Peninsula


Now that you already saw the capital and the mountains, it is time to head onto the beach. And there is really nothing better in Mexico that the Yucatan Peninsula.


As the home of Cozumel and Cancun, the Yucatan Peninsula has a wide range of beautiful beaches.



Day 6: Beaches, Bikes, and Buggies


You should now go to Holbox which is a small town again. This small island is very peculiar and we are sure that you’re going to like it. So, just go for a walk.



Day 7: Snorkel or Paddle Around Holbox


A lot of people who is traveling to Mexico wants to get some adventure. So, why can’t you take the time while you’re at Holbox to go paddling or snorkeling?


In this area, one of the main attractions is to snorkel with whale sharks. And you don’t need to worry about them because they are harmless and docile.