Currency Exchange Rate


How much my Money value in other countries?


Before travelling to any Country, the first thing to check is the currency and the exchange rate.


THE below CURRENCY CONVERSION EXCHANGE RATE application provides the indicative exchange rate of the day.

To use the application please add the currency you want to exchange ‘From’ and exchange ‘To’. Please also specify the ‘Amount’ that you would like to convert.



PLAN on Travel Expenses


Knowledge of exchange rate helps in giving some idea with regards to the Local travel expenses that you may incur during the time of visit, as the  currency exchange rate can vary, but generally within the range of +-0.5%. When doing the money exchange, please do also remember that the actual rate of conversion can be less than the indicative price mentioned here, as some bank also charges commission or transfer fees. This extra cost may vary depends on the bank’s policy.


The currency conversion can be done in various ways: For example —


  • Either by using credit and debit card, in that case the bank or the provider of the cards will offer the conversion rate


  • or otherwise cash conversion can be done before travelling or doing it at the airport or in local banks, shops, post office, travel agents, etc.



Make sure that you should carry some local cash currency in hand, to help incase of emergency.