Cuba Holiday Itinerary – for two cities

Cuba Holiday Itinerary



Most people believe that Cuba is a small island. However, you will be extremely surprised when you arrive and you see that it will just take you a lot of time going from one town to a different one. So, you should definitely keep this in mind when you are planning your Cuba holiday itinerary.


The reality is that a Cuba holiday itinerary will vary greatly depending on how many days you’re staying. So, we decided to show you what the best Cuban cities have to offer. This way, you’ll be able to easier make your own personalized itinerary.





Havana is the capital of Cuba. It is also the most popular touristic destination as well as it is the largest city in the country.


One of the things that you need to understand about Havana is that it is divided into two: the Old Havana and the more affluent area of the city that includes many different neighborhoods such as Miramar.


So, what can you do in Havana?


– Obispo Street: This street is full of vibrant colors, live music, and architecture. You can also eat a churro along the way.


– Plaza de Armas: You can take the Plaza de Armas to give a stroll and to buy a book or just a souvenir.


– Rooftop Views From Hotel Ambos Mundos: This one is a must. So, make sure that you annotate that you need to make a visit to the Hotel Ambos Mundos located in Old Havana. Through its rooftop, you’ll be able to enjoy the best views of the city. 


– Hotel Inglaterra: Hotel Inglaterra is the oldest hotel in Havana. One of the things that makes it different is that it is a great spot for fun pictures.


– The Habana Bus Tour: The truth is that there isn’t anything better than taking a bus tour to show you the entire city. Besides the fact that it is incredibly affordable, you’ll love the tour.


– Revolution Square: This is where you’re going to see the huge and famous Che Guevara mural. You can make a stop during the Habana Bus Tour.


– Fabrica de Arte: If you like art and if you like socializing, then you need to check out Fabrica de Arte. After all, you’ll be able to see different showcases of music, photography, art, among others.


– The Parisien Cabaret at Hotel Nacional: This is one of the most famous shows in Cuba. The truth is that it is hilarious, entertaining, cheesy, and impressive. All at the same time.





This colonial town is located about 4 hours from Cuba. It is incredibly colorful and it has a slow-paced life, especially when you compare it to Havana.

So, here’s what you can’t miss in Trinidad:


– Take a salsa lesson: You just can’t be in Cuba and not take a salsa lesson.


– Explore the streets: While the town isn’t very big, you can easily spend one to two hours just walking between the Plaza Mayor and Plaza Carillo.


– Playa Maria Aguilar: While you need to grab a taxi to go to this beach, you can be sure that it’s completely worth it.


– Horseback Riding Tour Through the Trinidad Countryside: You’re going to love this one. While it will depend on the tour that you picked, you may see a waterfall.