City Break – Delhi


Delhi City Break, India



What the city like ?


The vibrant city of Delhi is the capital of India. It is located in the north of India and is served by the Indira Gandhi International airport. There are three major railway stations in Delhi, which are the New Delhi railway station, the Old Delhi railway station and the Nizamuddin station. The newer part and the majority is covered under New Delhi whereas the older charm of the city lies in Old Delhi.



Old Delhi


Old Delhi is for the die hards who wish to have a flavour of the old charm that the city held under the Mughal dynasty. Streets are narrow yet delightful with the wares that are sold across them.


There are specific streets lined with food joints, books, lights etc and all you need to do is find the right one that tickles your fancy! Getting around is best done by either walking or taking a rickshaw which will squeeze through the narrow streets. Old Delhi is graced by the ever popular Red Fort which used to be the palace in use in Mughal times.



New Delhi


New Delhi is home to the more modern architecture in Delhi. Streets are tree lined and finding your way through the busy traffic will remind you of the busy city that it is.


The area around the India Gate and the Parliament house is a beauty to behold whilst the nearby Rajiv Chowk shows the influence of the British architecture through the myriad of shops flashing both local and massive international brands.



Commuting around the City


The best way to get around the city is by car if you don’t mind sitting through the traffic jams or the recently opened Metro that is envied even by people used to the London underground services! It will take you places in a jiffy and the cost of travel does not dig a deep hole in the pocket. Cabs are easily available and it is best to ask your hotel to book you an Uber or Ola.



Delhi Food options


The variety of food available in Delhi is staggering! Indian food has made its popularity mark all over the world and in Delhi you get to experience that first hand. Whether you fancy some street food from Haldiram’s or a more distinguished experience in one of the restaurants at the 5 star hotels there, all cuisine is readily available in Delhi. You could fancy Chinese from Berco’s, Mexican from Rodeo’s or Kati rolls from Nizams, there is always something to suit everyone’s palette.



Shopping hmmmmm


Shopping is big in Delhi! There are various market places like South Extension, Rajiv Chowk or Karol Bagh but equally there is a string of malls that dot the entire city with the big international brands that they sell along with the air-conditioned comfort that make sipping your Costa or Starbucks more bearable especially during the hot days!



A conclusive view


The Delhi experience can be as expensive as you want it to be! You could get cheap budget accommodation right out of Lonely planet but expect the services to match the cost!


On the other hand the 5 star hotels will tend to your smallest whim and take a lot of trouble to indulge your wishes. Decide on what you want out of your holiday as there is something that will suit everyone in Delhi!!