City Break – Copenhagen


Copenhagen City Break, Denmark



What to do as a tourist?


This is a beautiful, lively and vibrant city to visit. Great transport links from the airport to the city, using metro, buses and taxis.


The city centre is spread out and lined with shops ranging from apparel, makeup, accessories, toys and the much-needed cafes!



Bars line the streets and most of them stop serving food after 10pm. The accomodation within the city is expensive but it is worth-it as you save on money for transportation to get around the city!



It is a fabulous place to walk and explore and just the right size to make it all within reach very easily. The hop on, hop off boat rides are very popular and take you to some of the best destinations around, including the iconic Nyhavn,


The Little Mermaid and the Street food market which has something from a wide range of cuisines to eat from.


Food from around the world are sold here (only card payments accepted here) including Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Sushi, burgers, ice-creams etc.


Cycles and Segway tours are popular within the city but fairly expensive although they do offer a different way of exploring the city.


For someone wanting to experience the Segway tours, a typical Segway tour around the city is around DKK 350 for an hour including a training on the use of the Segway. Optionally for those just wanting to ride the Segway to get the feel of it, this costs about DKK 50 for a 15 minute riding experience.



Traffic is light as a big chunk of locals use cycles to commute to and from work. Food is high quality in terms of taste but is pricey so be wary of your budget! A fabulous place to visit and enjoy!!