Brazil Holiday Itinerary – 7 Days

Brazil Holiday, what to visit



Brazil is a huge country. So, you will need to go there many times to actually see the entire country. Nevertheless, there are always places that catch our attention as you see them on TV, social media, etc.


So, let’s check out this Brazil holiday itinerary:



Day 1: Rio de Janeiro


You should schedule your flight to land in Rio de Janeiro. You will be spending two nights here. So, on this first day, you should take the time to see the Corcovado – Cristo Redentor. This is the iconic image of Rio de Janeiro and we are sure that you don’t want to miss it. After that, you can take a walk and check the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, the Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro and the Ipanema beach. In case you’re not on a tight budget, then you should consider an helicopter drive where you can see the views.



Day 2: Rio de Janeiro


On your second day, you will need to get up incredibly early. After all, your first stop will be at the top of Morro Dois Irmãos where you will be amazed by the new day appearing on the horizon. There are different tours that put you up there.


Then, just go to one of the world’s best beaches in Leblon. It is time for some sunbathing and relaxing.


During the afternoon, you can still check the Botanical Garden and the Rodrigo de Freitas Lake.


In case you’re a bit tired of the beach, then you can do something different. Just head onto Pedra do Sal, which is a religious and historical site in Rio de Janeiro.



Day 3: Rio de Janeiro Salvador


You should head onto Salvador as early s you can so you can enjoy the day.


Salvador is famous for its baroque churches, charming neighborhood, tropical coastline, and Afro-Brazilian culture. As soon as you get settled, you should take the rest of the day to see some special locations. These include the Farol da Barra Beach, the Museu de Arte Moderna, the Ponta de Humaita, and the São Francisco Covent and Church.



Day 4: Salvador


This is the day that you have to dedicate to Salvador. So, make sure that you enjoy the Porto da Barra beach, walk around the town, and taste some of their famous and traditional dishes such as Moqueca, Acarajé, and Quindim.



Day 5: Salvador Iguazu Falls


Leaving Salvador, you are now going to visit one of the most amazing waterfalls in the world – the Iguazu Falls.


Located on the border between Argentina and Brasil,  this will be a 5-hour flight. So, as you arrive, you will only be able to settle in, eat something, and take some rest.



Days 6:  Iguazu Falls


As soon as you wake up in the morning, it is time to head onto the Iguazu Falls. Since this waterfall tends to attract a lot of tourists, the earlier you get there the better pictures you’ll be able to take.



Day 7: Iguazu Falls Rio de Janeiro


And you’re back to the point that you started. We hope that you like this itinerary.