A week Road trip in New Zealand


New Zealand – A One Week Road Trip That Will Stay In Your Heart


New Zealand is just a beautiful country that truly deserves a visit. While you may have an entire week to spend there, you need to know that you won’t be able to see everything. The reality is that this country has so much to offer that it truly deserves several visits. 


So, in case you are taking a week off work and visit New Zealand, this itinerary will start at Queenstown and it will end in Christchurch. One of the reasons for this choice is that both cities have airports. 

So, the first thing you need to do when you arrive at Queenstown is to rent a car or a campervan. Then, just hot the road.



Day 1 – 3: Queenstown and Glenorchy:


Queenstown is known as the adventure capital of the world since you can do any outdoor activity there. From sky diving to bungy jumping, paragliding, among so many others. If you like to hike, then you can’t miss Queenstown Hill with amazing views from the top. 


On your way to Glenorchy, make sure to stop at the Bennet’s Bluff Point. 



Day 3 – 4: Fiordland: Te Anau and Milford Sound


On the third day, you should leave Queenstown and head to Te Anau – the gateway to Fiordland National Park. You will need to pass through an iconic road called the Devil’s staircase. While the name may be a bit scary, you will love the views along the way. 


As soon as you arrive, take a deep breathe and take a walk around the lake. You will be impressed


On the 4th day of your trip, you have a 2-hour drive ahead of you. However, it is completely worth it. Along your way to Milford Sound, you will want to make a lot of stops. From the Eglinton Valley and the Mirror Lake, and you just can’t go on without stopping at Hollyford valley as well. 


Here are some things you need to consider at Milford Sound:


Take a scenic cruise around the Fjords:

You should make sure to take a raincoat since you will incredibly near the waterfalls. In addition, you should also know that this is the rainiest part of the country. 


Take a scenic flight:

In case you prefer, you can also take a scenic flight. 


Day 4-6: Wanaka and Hawea

Wanaka is a bit far and your road trip will take you some time. However, this little small town deserves your visit. 

Wanaka is located amongst New Zealand’s Southern Alps and you have a lot to do here. Here are some of the things you should consider:


Roys Peak:

Hiking up to Roys Peak is definitely a must. As soon as you get there, you will see that this is one of the most well-known places in New Zealand.  


Rocky Mountain:

This track simply offers one of the most spectacular views over Lake Wanaka. This is a shorter track and you can delight yourself with the beautiful sunrise at the top of the mountain. 


Mount Iron:

In case you don’t want to walk or hoke for too long, you should consider Mount Iron. Besides, you will have an amazing view from the top even if you’re visiting New Zealand in winter months. 



Day 6 – 7: Mount Cook National Park, Christchurch


Now, it is time to get in the car and drive towards Mount Cook National Park. On your way there, you can be sure that you will want to make a few stops to enjoy the scenery. Some of these include Lindis Pass and Lake Pukaki. 


As soon as you arrive at Mount Cook National Park, you won’t believe this place. After all, you will be near the highest mountain. 


Here are some of the things you should consider doing:


Hike Along The Hooker Valley:

Even if you are not a big fan of hiking, this one is a must. Besides, the terrain is relatively flat. In case you have the option, you should hike there in the late afternoon and enjoy the sunset. As you look around, you will see the top of Mount Cook with incredible lighting. 


The Tasman Lake And Glacier:

These are another “must see”. You can check the icebergs during summer and winter. Besides, when the day is calm, you will be able to see the surrounding mountains reflexions which is incredible.