10 Most Beautiful Cities To Discover By Walking

Best cities to travel and explore by walking


We are all different travelers. While for some people, seeing and exploring a new city involves using a train, tram or taxi, others prefer to walk. While there is no right or wrong here, the reality is that exploring a city by walking adds more leisure.


One of the things that we have to say is that there are some cities that are more walkable than others. So, if you are a fan of exploring a city by walking, here are the 10 most beautiful cities that you should consider visiting:



#1: Melbourne, Australia:


Melbourne is a great city to discover by walking. There is so much to see and you’re going to love every bit. You can take in Yarra River views by walking from Alexandra Gardens to the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens, for example. Or you can hop over to Melbourne’s CBD, the historic arcades and laneways. This is where you can find boutiques, cafes, and bars. Besides, you can take a look at the Old Melbourne Gaol.



#2: New York City, US:


While New York is one of the biggest cities in the world, it is also one of the most walkable.


One of the best things about walking in New York is that the Manhattan streets are numbered making it a lot easier. Besides Central Park, you can also go down the iconic Fifth Avenue or take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and into Clinton Hill.



#3: Buenos Aires, Argentina:


Also known as the “Paris of South America”, Buenos Aires features a beautiful European architecture with a lively cultural scene.


An upscale neighborhood that you don’t want to miss is the Recoleta. Just go through the beautiful parks and streets until you reach the Cementerio de la Recoleta — the burial place of Eva Perón. If you’re an art lover, you need to check the barrio of La Boca and then take the Caminito which is a little street where you will also find the contemporary art gallery, Fundación Proa.



#4: Florence, Italy:


We can say that Florence is the #1 city in Italy that needs to be seen by walking. After all, the entire historic center is restricted to taxis, buses, and bearing residents. With so many historic sights, you will be immersed in Italian architecture.



#5: Vancouver, Canada:


While this is the third city in Canada, it is the first one in terms of walking. After all, walking is even encouraged not only to tourists but especially to residents.


Some of the places that you need to check out include the Stanley Park, the beautiful Lost Lagoon, and the Lions Gate Bridge.



#6: Boston, US:


When you are looking to discover Boston, there is only one way to do it – by walking. This is how you will discover its rich culture and history. From the Harbor Walk to the Institute of Contemporary Art, the Freedom Trail or the beautiful Christopher Columbus Park, there’s a lot to see by walking in Boston.



#7: Marrakech, Morocco:


Marrakesh has a lot to be explored by foot. The truth is that you just need to check the hodgepodge of rug weavers, the labyrinthine alleyways, and even all the exotic spices that are available everywhere.


Once you are in Marrakech, don’t forget to check out the beautiful and famous  Jemaa El-Fnaa square, the home for many festivals, food stalls, and street entertainers. And if you’re trying to get away from confusion, there is nothing like visiting the peaceful Menara Gardens.



#8: Vientiane, Laos:


The truth is that when you are thinking about the best cities to discover by walking, you would never think that you could find one in Laos. However, Vientiane is absolutely beautiful and perfect to know on foot.


Vientiane is a mixture of Laotian and French cultures. Our advice is to start at Pha That Luang, one of the most important monuments in the country, Then, just walk down until you find the Patuxay Monument. You will find a lot of similarities with the Arc de Triomphe, in Paris. And when you are looking for a view over Laos’ capital, just climb to the top.



#9: Dubrovnik, Croatia


Croatia is a beautiful country and there is no question that Dubrovnik is the perfect city to get to know by walking. After all, the entire Old City district is a pedestrian-only zone. Here, you’ll find the main thoroughfare, Stradun where you can take a look over the entire city. Then, you should also make sure that you visit the Onofrio’s Fountain, the 16th century Sponza Palace, and its picturesque Old Port. 


But you don’t need to remain in the Old City district. In fact, you have got to visit not only the Lapad Peninsula as well as the shoreline. You will be amazed with the beautiful views.



#10: Paris,France


We just had to include Paris, France. Known as the city of the lights, walking in Paris is the best way to know the city.


One of the things that you can’t miss is to take a riverside stroll along the Seine river. While here, you can appreciate the views over The Louvre and over the Jardin des Tuileries, Notre Dame, and even the Île de la Cit´é.


In the Latin Quarter, you will find a wide variety of bars and bistros where you can relax for a bit and enjoy a delicious croissant. Then, just head onto the Eiffel Tower as well as you just can’t miss the walking around Montmartre.