10 Best European And American Beaches In Winter

Sunny winter holiday



When you are trying to save some money but still enjoy lovely beaches in Europe or in America, then you need to consider taking some time off during winter. In what concerns the best destinations, you have nothing to worry about. We are about to show you the 10 best European and American beaches in Winter.



#1: Cyprus


Cyprus is a beautiful country that has an average temperature of 20ºC during the entire year. This makes it one of the best places to head onto the beach during Winter.


Besides, you can also take the time to discover their amazing food as well as their culture.


Located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, this island country has the most amazing beaches, archaeological sites, and amazing nature parks.


Depending on what you prefer, you should go to Limassol if you like going out at night, Paphos, if you want to go to the beach or Nicosia, if you want to enjoy the best restaurants and museums.



#2: Sanibel Island, Florida


In America, we all know that when you are looking for the best beaches during Winter, you need to check out Florida. However, we hand-selected a special destination for you – the Sanibel Island.


At Sanibel Island, you will find calm turquoise waters and fine white sand beaches where you can rest and relax. However, if you don’t just want to sit on the beach, you can consider taking a kayak tour, for example.



#3: Sicily, Italy


The truth is that if you think that you’ll see only locals in Sicily during the Winter, you’re completely wrong. After all, with its bright blue skies and beautiful almond trees, you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing time off.


Besides the beautiful beaches, you can also check some of the beautiful Baroque towns as well as some archaeological sites while you’re there. And don’t forget about the delicious Italian food.



#4: San Diego, California


San Diego is perfect for a winter vacation. After all, it has a mix of amazing restaurants and shops and beaches. In fact, you should also try the beach cruise and that ride to South Mission Beach.



#5: Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii


While Winter months can be pretty severe in many parts of the United States, this isn’t the case of Hawaii. The truth is that you’re heading to Oahu’s most popular beaches where you’ll be able to see surfers. However, if you feel like a swim, then you need to head onto Kailua Beach. In case the water is calm, you can rent a kayak and check out the Mokulua Islands.


Oh, and while in Hawaii, don’t forget to try out the shave ice.



#6: Malta


When you are looking for the perfect Winter escape, then Malta is it. With a minimum temperature of 15ºC and as a country where almost never rains, Malta is perfect to enjoy some days to relax.


From exploring the countryside to simply strolling Valletta’s sunny streets, there is plenty to do on this island.



#7: Canary Islands, Spain


With a warm year-round weather, the Canary Islands are a popular choice for Europeans who are looking to take some days off work during the winter. The reality is that if you choose to go to the Canary Islands, you’ll have a big dilemma. Choosing between Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Tenerife and Gran Canaria is not easy. After all, they all have beautiful beaches and a lot to enjoy.



#8: Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii


When you are looking to enjoy some days off work during the winter and head onto the beach, then you should check Hanalei. Located on the North Shore, the Hanalei Bay is the best place to take a swim. In addition, you can also go snorkeling, explore sea caves, and even spot dolphins.



#9: Madeira, Portugal


Located just 1,000 miles from Portugal, Madeira is a beautiful island where the thermometers vary between 18 and 20 degrees. This sunny island has vibrant tropical gardens, lush green landscapes, and a beautiful coast to explore.



#10: Laguna Beach, California


Laguna beach is extremely popular. However, the truth is that besides the beach, there are many other things that you can do to relax. From checking the galleries along the waterfront or the Laguna Art Museum, you need to ensure that you also take the time to see the beautiful golden cliffs.